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Wedding Library Event January 28, 2009

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This past weekend Roee, Vanessa and myself all attended the Wedding Library’s “Wedding Party” event as vendors for Stacey Ilyse Photography.  The event went well.  I met some wonderful vendors such as Heather one of the co-owners from the Arak Kanofsky Studios ~ they do AMAZING hand made couture stationary and invitations.  We had all the furniture given to use for use on the day of the event from this great rental company called Taylor Creatives.  Our “booth” was right next to the wonderful people working at The Glass Houses AMAZING loft space for your wedding… totally beautiful! To our other side was a great catering company, Olivier Cheng Catering and Events.  Of course my beautiful friend and owner of Once Upon A Bride, Stacey Lyn Weinstein was there ~ she and her girls did all the hair and make up for the fashion show photos I will post below.  Anyways those are some of the vendors that were located either in the same room as we were or that we know and love.

Enjoy some photos taken by Roee

fashionshow-10371 fashionshow-1110

fashionshow-1097 fashionshow-1058 fashionshow-1120

fashionshow-1018 fashionshow-1009


Jaime & Greg ~ Married! January 12, 2009

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Just a few days before christmas, Jaime and Greg tied the knot and had their beautiful reception at Tappan Hill Mansion, in tarrytown ny.  If you’d like, please take a look at their slideshow by clicking HERE

Also, Enjoy some photos from their wedding located below 🙂











NEW WEBSITE!!! December 16, 2008

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I have been SO busy!  I recently decided it was time for some changes at stacey ilyse photography.  So I updated my website BIG TIME… I am also in the midst of producing new sample albums! 🙂  And I also created an ad for the magazine wellwed in the hamptons.  Please take a look at the new website!! CLICK HERE Also, here are some screen shots of the new site as well as the 2 ad’s I submitted… which do you like more.. the vertical or horizontal?


picture-31 picture-2






Some photos November 7, 2008

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Hey all.. Here are some photos from my photog.  Jen I snagged them from the slideshow she put together for us. these are some of my favorites of her favorites! haha!


picture-3 picture-1












Jessica and Danny ~ married!! October 2, 2008

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Hi All,

so sorry for the delay in posting, I have been busy with shooting and planning!  Anyways… Approx. 2 weekends ago I shot the wedding of Jessica and Danny.  I metthe couple last year while I was photographing Danny’s amazing cousin Chris and his beautiful wife Heather. Well… fast forward a year later and here Roee and I were, shooting Jess and Danny and spending the evening once again with their amazing family and friends, this time at the beautiful Bridgewaters located in south street seaport in NYC!  I have also put together a slideshow for you all of some of my favorite photos from the evening! As well as a few here on my blog

Also, I have started to post the photos on my “page” on facebook ~ so become my “fan” and take a look!  HERE IS THE SLIDESHOW LINK!

Here are some of my favorite photos!

a great one by Roee!

a great one by Roee!

I love this shot of the priest!

I love this shot of the priest!


Sasha and Steven ~ married! September 4, 2008

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Yah!! After eight years together Sasha and Steven finally tied the night in beautiful Newport Rhode Island at Castle Hill Inn Sasha wore a beautiful gown by Anne Barge and Steven had on an amazing white suit by Armani.

I have known Sasha and Steven for about 4 or so years now… how you might ask?  Well… my mom and Steve’s dad, “The How-man” Howie have been dating for about 4 or so years 🙂  So when Sasha, an artist herself asked me to shoot her wedding I was honored.  So Morgan and I packed up my gear and we headed for a Newport for a weekend of fun and weddings! 🙂 Here are some of my favorite photos from the day and please enjoy their slideshow!!! Click here to view it

steven and the how-man

steven and the how-man

look at the sky!

I love this photo! I have been dreaming about getting this perfect shot!

I love this photo! I have been dreaming about getting this perfect shot!

and this moment is just great! The 2 dads and mom all so happy!

and this moment is just great! The 2 dads and mom all so happy!




My love for Etsy August 29, 2008

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So Im sure many of you know what Etsy is… here is a link in case you are wondering ETSY It is this great site with all these hand made or custom made items that people are selling… I actually got my hair piece (photo will be below) from a designer on Etsy. Sooo.. there have been a few things that I have been trying to decide on on such as, if Morgan should have some cool custom made boutineer, or just have the 5 dollar one from the florist?  Any advice on that?  Also, I really want one of those “wedding orbs”  So I have posted below one that I have found on Etsy that is really cute, and a photo of the other wedding orb… I think I need to have a vote on this one!  Also, this I just thought was really fun… do you remember the “cootie catchers” from when we were young?  Well someone will make them specialized with your names and details from your relationship and you can have them on all the table at the wedding…FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

here are some photos!


My hair piece for the wedding!! I love it, it looks REALLY cool on 🙂

Bout. I love for McMorgie! made by "sweetsnlo" on etsy

Bout. I love for McMorgie

Cootie cathcer outside

Cootie cathcer outside



Etsy ring dish I like OR...

Etsy ring dish I like OR...

wedding orb!?!?

wedding orb!?!?