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Boudoir-ish. February 5, 2009

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Hi All. So last night I was talking to a wonderful amazing friend of mine about my first ever “Boudoir” session that will be taking place next week. So anyways, we got to talking and she asked me if I wanted some practice prior to the shoot.  I have always done fine art photography and done nudes before it had been a while and I feel that boudoir is a bit different~ not sure why… Anyways, she has always wanted photos like these done, and so it was perfect.  After taking the photos and talking about them with her and her boyf. and listening to their reactions I decided, I really enjoyed the style I shot these in.  They arent cliche and she isnt trying too hard to be “sexy” she just is sexy.  So I hope you all enjoy the photos… I think they are beautiful.

5h4t2499 5h4t2505


5h4t2510 5h4t2535


5h4t2536 5h4t2542



One Response to “Boudoir-ish.”

  1. Erin Says:

    SOOO beautiful!!!!

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