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Wedding Library Event January 28, 2009

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This past weekend Roee, Vanessa and myself all attended the Wedding Library’s “Wedding Party” event as vendors for Stacey Ilyse Photography.  The event went well.  I met some wonderful vendors such as Heather one of the co-owners from the Arak Kanofsky Studios ~ they do AMAZING hand made couture stationary and invitations.  We had all the furniture given to use for use on the day of the event from this great rental company called Taylor Creatives.  Our “booth” was right next to the wonderful people working at The Glass Houses AMAZING loft space for your wedding… totally beautiful! To our other side was a great catering company, Olivier Cheng Catering and Events.  Of course my beautiful friend and owner of Once Upon A Bride, Stacey Lyn Weinstein was there ~ she and her girls did all the hair and make up for the fashion show photos I will post below.  Anyways those are some of the vendors that were located either in the same room as we were or that we know and love.

Enjoy some photos taken by Roee

fashionshow-10371 fashionshow-1110

fashionshow-1097 fashionshow-1058 fashionshow-1120

fashionshow-1018 fashionshow-1009


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