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something fun for today November 19, 2008

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I saw this online on another photogs. blog and thought it was cute…

I AM … in love.
I WANT… to have all my work done so I can do whatever I want for a whole week without worry!
I HAVE … the cutest dog in the world!
I KEEP … bumper stickers on my car from all the places I have traveled in the U.S.
I WISH I COULD … go on a road trip across the country with my husband, dog, camera and nothing to worry about!
I HATE … cockroaches ~ oh my goodness, GROSS!
I FEAR … scary movies
I HEAR … the sound of my external hard drive and the traffic of NYC in the background
I DON’T THINK … you should ever doubt yourself… just go for it, what do you have to lose!
I REGRET … nothing~ you cant live in a world of reg
I LOVE … my husband, the most wonderful man in the world!
I AM NOT … into politics.
I DANCE … as often as possible!
I SING … with my dog, off key ~ just to wake Mcmorg. up in the mornings
I NEVER … want to stop traveling and seeing the world, or stop taking photos!
I RARELY … skip breakfast in the morning ~ most important meal of the day!
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … any sappy movie or tv show!
I AM NOT ALWAYS … right. ~ oh, wait.. yes I am 🙂
I HATE THAT … my dad is no long with us.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … I dont know!
I NEED … to return a wedding present to macy’s~ grrrr! macy’s
I SHOULD … be doing lots of things, but I am going to save this post and go watch my DVR-ed episode of law and Order


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