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Adventures w/the Weincrafts cont… November 1, 2008

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McMorg. and I are now in Sausalito Ca.  which is RIGHT over the water from San Fran.  We left napa on thursday morning, drove all 5 freakin hours into Sequoia Nat’l Park ~ stayed at a lodge in the MIDDLE of the park~ surrounded by nothing but trees, animals, and all that good stuff including “perscribed” fires.  It was very relaxing, except for the crazy french people that invaded the lodging sitting area and tried to push me off the couch in hope to have an exclusive french people only area!  How rude!  BTW, it didnt work, I stood my ground and even with 4 people sitting on the SMALLEST couch, I STAYED!

Anyways, Like usual, I got up at the butt-crack of dawn (5am!) and annoyed Morgan till he woke up.  we then got ready, and heading back to the lodge for some breakfast in the trees! 🙂

We had a tour of “Giant Forest”  Which is where the Giant Sequoia’s live ~ If you didnt know, the Sequoia is a type of Redwood (which is why when I asked, people told me the Redwoods were only 1.5 hrs away from Napa, NOT 5!) BUT BUT BUT, the sequoia is different then the giant redwoods that live along the coast of Ca and Oregon.  these are actually the LARGEST trees in the world… and the redwoods, and the tallest ~ so anyways, we got driven around in the park on a tour and saw some AMAZING trees, and landscape, and made the 5 hour drive mostly worth it!  I have always wanted to see these trees, and well, now I have!

Our tour guide told us about this one area of the park, that you can take an 11mile hike to ~ you then stay in these cabins (12 people only at a time can stay) and they cook you meals, you have simple but necessary amenities and you can spend the day hiking and viewing the beauty of the park… I am ALMOST tempted to go and hike it!  Morgie says I will get bored, but for 2 days, I think I can handle it!

So, we took the tour, saw the LARGEST TREE IN THE WORLD!!!!  his name is the, General Sherman Tree.  That was pretty cool!

we then got in the car, and drove 4 hours BACK to civilization to Sausalito.  Where we proceeded to have over-priced and not so great Indian food… Man, I miss NYC!

We are having fun, and today will be a day filled of walking (finally) I miss walking! Shopping ~ woot woot Buffalo Exchange!  and fun!

till tomorrow!



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