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Monica + Allen ~ Married November 20, 2008

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Hi All!  A new wedding for you to feast your eyes on! 🙂 The wonderful, beautiful, generous Monica and Allen were married last weekend at a church at Columbia University and then had their reception at Manhattan Penthouse located at 14th st and 5th ave.  Monica wore a gorgeous Monique Lhuillier lace gown.  I loved spending time with them and their family and friends getting to know them all was such a pleasure.  Enjoy some of the photos posted below!  mandadetails-11007



















something fun for today November 19, 2008

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I saw this online on another photogs. blog and thought it was cute…

I AM … in love.
I WANT… to have all my work done so I can do whatever I want for a whole week without worry!
I HAVE … the cutest dog in the world!
I KEEP … bumper stickers on my car from all the places I have traveled in the U.S.
I WISH I COULD … go on a road trip across the country with my husband, dog, camera and nothing to worry about!
I HATE … cockroaches ~ oh my goodness, GROSS!
I FEAR … scary movies
I HEAR … the sound of my external hard drive and the traffic of NYC in the background
I DON’T THINK … you should ever doubt yourself… just go for it, what do you have to lose!
I REGRET … nothing~ you cant live in a world of reg
I LOVE … my husband, the most wonderful man in the world!
I AM NOT … into politics.
I DANCE … as often as possible!
I SING … with my dog, off key ~ just to wake Mcmorg. up in the mornings
I NEVER … want to stop traveling and seeing the world, or stop taking photos!
I RARELY … skip breakfast in the morning ~ most important meal of the day!
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … any sappy movie or tv show!
I AM NOT ALWAYS … right. ~ oh, wait.. yes I am 🙂
I HATE THAT … my dad is no long with us.
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … I dont know!
I NEED … to return a wedding present to macy’s~ grrrr! macy’s
I SHOULD … be doing lots of things, but I am going to save this post and go watch my DVR-ed episode of law and Order


Stacey + Morgan ~Married :) November 10, 2008

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Hi All, So you have seen some of my wedding photos already, I would think… But today Morgan and I had the honor to go out for a few hours and do a shoot with ROEE!!!! He took over 300 photos, and I spent at least half the day looking through them and picking out my absolute favorites and put them up on my blog to show you!   ENJOY!!!





smroee-20051 smroee-2006







Gary + Rutie ~ Married! November 8, 2008

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Earlier in Oct. Roee had the honor of photographing my long-time family friend, Gary’s wedding to his beautiful girlfriend (now wife!) of many years Ruthie.  Gary is an amazing man who has found someone who is just PERFECTLY suited for him and his out-going, free spirted, loving personality.  I hope they enjoy this little sneak peak!  Roee and I are honored that they had stacey ilyse photography share in their special day and the Ro-ster took some great photos!

Love you Gary and Ruthie! ~ Stacey

i love the joy you see of them being together!

i love the joy you see of them being together!



see the people cheering in the background?!

see the people cheering in the background?!











Some photos November 7, 2008

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Hey all.. Here are some photos from my photog.  Jen I snagged them from the slideshow she put together for us. these are some of my favorites of her favorites! haha!


picture-3 picture-1












Photos from Honeymoon November 6, 2008

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In case anyone was interested… here are some of my favorites from the first of our 2 honeymoons!


img_0832 img_0798

img_0799 img_0777

painterly img_0836

img_0840 img_0879


The Weincrafts are comin’ home! November 3, 2008

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Sooo update on our last days here.

the day before last McMorg and I went to San Fran.  IN THE RAIN! That part was not so fun.  We took the ferry from Sausalito and got off at the ferry landing and walked into an outdoor market… that was fun!  I ate ALL the samples that they had out, YUM!  I also got some yummy stuff to bring home! woot woot!  We then took a walk over to chinatown and had lunch ~ NOTHING like our chinatown… SF’s version of C-town is CLEAN and much more touristy… that was slightly disapointing!  anyways, we had lunch and then took the MUNI over to haight-ashbury so I could go to Buffalo Exchange~ I got a shirt and pair of shoes… that was fun, but the SF store is not nearly as good as others I have been to! At that point, M and I were soaking wet, tired of being wet and just not impressed with SF, so we got in a cab and headed back to the hotel.  We hung out here and got ready for dinner ~ which was at the melting pot!  That was fun, M had never had Fondue before… so we had fun, and dessert, Um, AMAZING! we had the “s’mores” chocolate~ with marshmellow and graham crackers… YUM!  so we have not desided to have a fondue party sometime in the near future! After dinner we found a Barnes and Noble, where M. proceeded to purchase the BIGGEST book he could find ~ i told him he had to carry it home!

Yesterday, we got up, hung out for a bit and then headed to the spa for a massage ~ that was fun! we then hung out in their comfy couch lounge… with these cool chairs, I want them! they are like a chaise, but more like a chair ~ with 2 arms~ so comfortable! After the relaxing we took a walk and ate some lunch… Let me tell you folks… I have NOT been impressed with the food in Ca. Nope, not at all!  After lunch we got in the car and just got lost~ decided to be weirdo’s and looked at some open houses… for dinner we went for Japanesse food… again, NOT impressed!  We did however meet this very odd couple ~ the man being from NYC and just moved to Ca. last week!  and on the other side of us was the Uncle and his nephew~ who talked VERY loud in a nasally voice, about how Apple computer is an “evil genius!”

Ok.. now we are up and getting ready to leave and head to oakland ~ to a gluten-free bakery and yet another buffalo exchange!

see you back on the east coast!