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Adventures of The Weincrafts.. October 29, 2008

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HI ALL!  guess what, IM MARRIED!!!!!

I will post all the details when I am home from the honeymoon, which I am on right now!

so stay tuned for some updates through out the honeymoon

thus far it is great… morgan and I got to Ca. yesterday afternoon ~ picked up our rental car, found an In and Out burger and went to wal-mart… thats what Im talkin about!! woot woot!

then we drove up to Napa, not realizing that we were in the “carpool” lane the entire time!  Which is why we didnt sit in ANY traffic! hehe!

we then got to our hotel, had champagne and strawberries, relaxed and then went to a fancy-shamancy restaurant… only to realize, that while we like the idea of fancy-shamancy we are pretty ok with regular people dining experiences ~ and that when we eat at regular people places there are no surprise dishes of uncooked rock crab or as Morgan descirbed it “sour” ice cream! Hahaha!  Oh well, it was fun to be treated fancy and they were really great to us since it was our first honeymoon dinner!

Ok, that is it for now.. we are on our way to breakfast and then taking a 6 HOUR wine tasting tour!!!  Ooooo yah! Napa valley baby!

stay tuned for more adventures of The Weincrafts in California!


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