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20 days till my wedding!! October 7, 2008

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Hi All!

I wanted to give a wedding update!  It is 20 days left till my own wedding!  I feel like I have soooo many things left to do!  I have ordered my chocolates from ohio for the reception and need to tie the ribbons and moo cards on them, do my escort cards, finish my programs, make 2 more Pom-Poms~ will shot photos when done,  write more thank you cards, print my thank you cards that my dear friend Justin is drawing for me!  I will DEF. post the cards when he has finished them.  FYI, he is an amazing artist and does AMAZING line drawings of pets.  He takes care of Wickett along with other pups and he does drawings of all his pooches 🙂 Last holiday season he made my “Merry Hannukah” and he is doing the thank you cards with a drawing of Wickett… SO EXCITED for it!

What else is there for me to do?  Let me know! 🙂

only 20 days!!!!


One Response to “20 days till my wedding!!”

  1. Jen Says:

    So exciting Stacey! I can’t wait!

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