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Adevntures w/the Weincrafts, day 2 October 30, 2008

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Honeymoon update.

Yesterday was a action packed day of wine drinking.  Morgan and I took a wine tasting tour bus ~ along with 8 other couples to 4 wineries yesterday.  We visited Hagafen Cellars, Casa Nuestra ~ which is the “hippie” winery and famous for having an elvis movie filmed on its property, 3rd winery ~ slips my memory, and the 4th which I liked the wine the most was called Ruthrford Grove ~ yum yum delicious!  It was fun, we took lots of photos met some nice people and drank lots of wine!  We then hung out at our hotel room and chilled out and then went to this restaurant called Cuvee ~ before we ordered we ran into one of the couples from our tour and ended up asking them to join us at the table to eat… so that was fun! 🙂 The food has been great so far, and Morgan and I feel that have learned a little bit about wine… which we like.

we decided though, that next time we come we want to come with a bunch of friends.

We are now all packed up and ready to take our 5 HOUR DRIVE to Seqouia Nat’l Park ~ where we will tour the giant seqouias and get lost driving in the park… i guarantee that part!

I will post more tomorrow and let you know about the drive.. woot woot!


Adventures of The Weincrafts.. October 29, 2008

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HI ALL!  guess what, IM MARRIED!!!!!

I will post all the details when I am home from the honeymoon, which I am on right now!

so stay tuned for some updates through out the honeymoon

thus far it is great… morgan and I got to Ca. yesterday afternoon ~ picked up our rental car, found an In and Out burger and went to wal-mart… thats what Im talkin about!! woot woot!

then we drove up to Napa, not realizing that we were in the “carpool” lane the entire time!  Which is why we didnt sit in ANY traffic! hehe!

we then got to our hotel, had champagne and strawberries, relaxed and then went to a fancy-shamancy restaurant… only to realize, that while we like the idea of fancy-shamancy we are pretty ok with regular people dining experiences ~ and that when we eat at regular people places there are no surprise dishes of uncooked rock crab or as Morgan descirbed it “sour” ice cream! Hahaha!  Oh well, it was fun to be treated fancy and they were really great to us since it was our first honeymoon dinner!

Ok, that is it for now.. we are on our way to breakfast and then taking a 6 HOUR wine tasting tour!!!  Ooooo yah! Napa valley baby!

stay tuned for more adventures of The Weincrafts in California!


Dana and Mark ~ Married!! October 23, 2008

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Introducing the wonderful Dana and Mark!! 🙂 2 weekend’s ago Roee and I had the pleasure to photograph Dana and Marks wedding at Manhattan Penthouse one of my favorite places to photograph in NYC.  Anyways, we had such a great time spending the day with Dana, Mark and their wonderful, lively families and friends!  It made me all warm and fuzzy inside to see how much they enjoyed and loved each other… feel free to check out their slideshow by clicking HERE! If any of you are wondering about the 2nd slideshow song choice ~ it is the song that signifies how Dana and Mark met!

Enjoy the photos below, and also feel free to check ’em out on Facebook!


Dana and Mark in their natural photo state 😛


Marianne and Marcus ~ married! October 22, 2008

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Hi All… Here some photos of Marianne and Marcus, they were married earlier this month and had their beautiful reception at studio 450.  Enjoy!!!


Some photobooth fun! October 13, 2008

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One of my favorite things to do when shooting a wedding is to always sign the guest book or if the couple has a polaroid book, photobooth, anything that documents their guests in a guest book fashion, I like to take part.  I have always gotten great feedback from my couples saying they are so happy my 2nd’s and I took a photo or wrote a message.  Well, last weekend was no exception!  Dana and Mark (photos to follow soon)  had both a fun guestbook, AND a photo booth!!!  Well, Im muy obsessed with photo booths and plan to have one at our wedding in 2 weeks!  So here is the photo images that Roee and I took at their wedding, along with 2 sets of photos of McMorgie and I! ENJOY!


Melissa and Michael ~ Married! October 10, 2008

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Melissa and Michael were married about 10 days ago in Long Branch NJ ~ and were supposed to get married on the beach!  BUT, as david and I drove up to their hotel/venue we realized that the day was just not cut out for the beach ceremony they had hoped for.  thankfully, that did not stop them from going outside and taking some gorgeous photos on the beach and even having a private ceremony all of their own out there 🙂 The photos came out so great from their session and from their entire wedding day!  Take a sneak peak below! Enjoy and CONGRATS to Melissa and Michael!


McMorgie = “famous” October 9, 2008

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So, not sure how Morgan found this.. but he was online and was looking up his Dodgeball, yes, dodgeball league info and I guess they have a blog… well 2 photos of McMorg playing are up on the blog! here they are… and oh, one of them he isnt looking so handsome! haha