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some fun DIY stuff September 22, 2008

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Hi all!

I have doing some DIY things for the wedding… programs, menus etc… I figured I would take a moment to show off the jpeg files for the programs and menus and a explain a bit how i did them… which is SOOOO easy!

first the menus.  I found this fun border in a book McMorgie had ~ but you can also buy a book like this at Pearl paint, michaels, or Lee’s Art Shop (in nyc). All of these books come with CD’s that you can then upload the border you want from the disk.  I then made a 8.5×11 image in photoshop, and divided the page into 4 and dragged the border onto the blank image… I then used the font tool and wrote out my menu.  Once I was done with the first of the 4 sections, I “locked” everything together (border and type) and copies and pasted it 3 other times to fill up the entire 8.5×11 page.  I think bought some really nice metalic (more pearl-y looking) paper from this great website called but also a lot of the girls here in NYC like paper presentation ~ which is great because you can walk in and see everything for yourself. So yes, I printed the image of 4 menu’s up on the paper… then took a paper cutter and cut them into 4! easy!

here is the jpeg file.

For the program I did almost the same thing… took an 8.5×11 image size… dragged in my NYC skyline I designed and typed in all the details I wanted to talk about for the ceremony program.  However I did just 2 on a page rather then 4… I really wanted the long skinny look for the programs… I am not in to process of printing them all.. but as soon as they are done I will post real photos of the finished product! Hope this was inspiring and/or helpful!

Programs for you.


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