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My love for Etsy August 29, 2008

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So Im sure many of you know what Etsy is… here is a link in case you are wondering ETSY It is this great site with all these hand made or custom made items that people are selling… I actually got my hair piece (photo will be below) from a designer on Etsy. Sooo.. there have been a few things that I have been trying to decide on on such as, if Morgan should have some cool custom made boutineer, or just have the 5 dollar one from the florist?  Any advice on that?  Also, I really want one of those “wedding orbs”  So I have posted below one that I have found on Etsy that is really cute, and a photo of the other wedding orb… I think I need to have a vote on this one!  Also, this I just thought was really fun… do you remember the “cootie catchers” from when we were young?  Well someone will make them specialized with your names and details from your relationship and you can have them on all the table at the wedding…FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

here are some photos!


My hair piece for the wedding!! I love it, it looks REALLY cool on 🙂

Bout. I love for McMorgie! made by "sweetsnlo" on etsy

Bout. I love for McMorgie

Cootie cathcer outside

Cootie cathcer outside



Etsy ring dish I like OR...

Etsy ring dish I like OR...

wedding orb!?!?

wedding orb!?!?


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