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Twitter August 18, 2008

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I just joined twitter

if you have twitter and you want to “follow” me on it here is how~ click on that. if you DONT have twitter, no worries.. Im going to make morgie make my blog look all pretty and special so that I can link it up directly (but who knows when that will happen! Im lazy!)

In bigger stacey ilyse photo news, I took some photos of my cousin’s kids… and later today or tomorrow I plan to upload a bunch of them… I just can narrow it down to less then 30! There are too many adorable ones of them all… and of the baby!!! SOOOO cute. I want to eat him up!

On fun wedding updates, I sent out our OOT invites, and I am sending out our local guest’s invites on thursday!!! Aaannnnddd according to theknot I have 69 days to go! how scary is that!! Oh, I also got the bracelete I plan to wear that day… and it was on sale for $20!!

This weekend was great! It was one of the first weekends I had NOTHING wedding or photography related to do…. sooo my lovely Vanessa planned a rafting (not a white water rafting) trip on the deleware…It was GREAT! It only took 1.5 hrs to get there from NYC and the weather was PERFECT! I would highly recommend doing this with some friends if you get a chance… we used this company called adventure sport.  it was great.. As soon as some pictures show up on facebook I will post them to my blog.

Also, remember… Im running that special, feel free to sign up for some photos!!



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