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Im shredin it August 12, 2008

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So I just did my first day of the 30-day shred… I will say, Im SOOOO glad it is on 25 min!  It wasnt the most impossible workout I ever did, but it was hard, and I want to do it well…

On another topic, I started to pull out my 4×5 pressman camera to use some of my polaroid film… only to find that some of it is all messed up! and now I am sooo bummed, because polaroid decided to stop making their film that works with the 4×5 cameras.  ALSO.. their is this other type of film that is called pull and peel, and I have all these great old slides of from my parents (my mom was into photo too! 🙂 and I am not scrambling to make prints of the ones I like~ of course I can scan the slides, but these photos have so much more personality!

I will post some of them today 🙂


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