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Hi All!

So I have been inspired lately… As you saw on my post below I recently took some wonderful photos of Sheri, Keith and their 2 girls Allison and Rachel.  I also just took some photos of my wonderful cousin Hillary and her family. I ALSO have been inspired by some other photogs. and their beautiful engagement photos… also, I am enjoying the weather, the summer, and just feel the need to be “artsy” and try some new things. SOOOOOOOO with all that said, I am running some specials.

I would love if any mommies who are pregnant, just had a baby OR if you just want some fun new photos of you and your kids (any age!!!) to come forward and let me know.

I would love to photograph you all for 1.5hrs + the disk of images and 2 signed 8×10’s for only $250 ~ I normal would charge $375 my only stipulation is that you must be open minded to having some fun journalistic, artistic photos being taken… also I will use some interesting effects afterwards.. but dont worry, I promise you will have more then enough photos to find some you just LOVE!

For those of you who are engaged.. I have some cool idea’s that I would love love love to try out but just need some willing participants… like I mentioned before, I promise you will have MORE then enough photos to find some you will love, but if you get in touch and we go over some of the idea’s and you are down, that would be great!

The special I am running for the engagement photos are: 1.5 hrs of shooting + the disk of images and 2 signed 8×10’s for $375 (my current price for enagement photos is now $500)

LASTLY, My associate Roee is also excited to participate in this special as well. for the family/children photos the price would be $200

and for engagement photos it would be $300

email me at if you are interested!


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