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been MIA August 7, 2008

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Hi all.

I know, I know. I have been MIA for a while now. I am trying SO hard to be good at this blogging thing… it is just hard! I have yet to find the fine line between wanting the blog to be personal and about my wonderful clients weddings… so hopefully I will figure it out along the way! 🙂

Here are some updates about MY wedding.. in case you are interested!

-my bridal shower, which is being thrown by my mom’s best friend, Lucia is taking place at her beautiful home down in Spring Lake… is only ONE MONTH AWAY exactly from today!

-I decided to sign up for the “pilates promise” at Re:ab pilates down on bleeker and elizabeth.  the pilates promise is when you have 30 private sessions and you do them within 10 weeks ~ which comes out to 3 sessions a week! it costs about a bigillion dollars, but out of all the work out stuff out there, the only one I have ever been able to REALLY commit to has been pilates.  There is something oddly rewarding about doing it. I am REALLY not into running and aerobic classes.  I always felt like a fool doing them, or that I wasnt doing something right and in return I always ended up hurting myself! But with pilates it is more about training your body to do things and correctly (by pilates standards)… which I can understand and appreciate

So I am doing the “pilates promise” and also I purchased the 30-day shred which I have yet to start… but plan on starting next tuesday.  I will give you all an update as to how it goes.  Has anyone used it?  Seen results?? let me know.

-morgan got his custom made pumas, which he is planning on wearing for the reception. we decided for our groomsmen’s gifts that we would get them both custom made puma’s of their liking and they will wear them at the wedding 🙂

– oh the most fun thing we decided to do, Im SOOOOO excited for.  you decided to rent an old fashion photobooth.. WOOT WOOT!!! we are renting it from classic photo booth you should check out their prices. we are getting our 4 strip b&w booth for 4 hours for under $1500 which is AWESOME. I cant wait to see it!

On other notes… I am trying to decide if I should go to this workshop in NOLA which takes place oct5-8 it is close to the wedding.. so im on the fence about it.  the workshop is called imagex

I do have some great photos to post, but I am being quite lazy about it.  I PROMISE I will have some good stuff to show by next week.

thanks for reading



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