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Lauren and Eric July 17, 2008

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Wow it was hot on the day Lauren and Eric got married!  My 2nd, David and I were shooting their wedding at the Palm house, which is in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  The staff was so afraid it was going to start to down pour on them during the ceremony.. they all stood around with umbrella’s open and ready to go!

Thankfully it held out till the very end of our photo session ~ It started to drizzle.. and Lauren went running! It made for a great photo-opt!

Rain or not.. everything was great and Lauren and Eric looks drop dead gorgeous…

and a fun little fact about Lauren and Eric. They met at the famous bar, not too far from my apt, McSorely’s ~ you gotta check out their photo with the beer they had brought in from McSorey’s~ and also go to their site for some fun NYC history!

Enjoy some of the photos and also here is a link to the slideshow!


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