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bummin, but total random July 16, 2008

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Not sure if you know it, but I am a member of the WPJA which is a site for couples to go to to find photojournalstic style photogs. for their wedding, and learn about the style of photog. all this stuff.  Well, one of my favorite parts about the site was that on the photographer side of it all there was a private forum for us to ask each other questions and advice and so on.  It was a nice place to just be able to ask someone who does what I do about what I do.  Sometimes it is hard,  I can talk about work with family and friends, but they are not wedding photographers and they dont know what it is like to own your own business and want to make sure that EVERYTHING goes well, that you make the couples happy, that you try to keep up with what is going on, that you work on the albums, prints, proof books, edits, EVERYTHING.




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