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Update of “stuff” July 11, 2008

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I havent written in a while… I have been so crazed with work, life, wedding planning.  I NEED a vacation! I would love to just take a few days to sit at a pool, not respond to anything and get a tan~ hehe.

Well, some fun stuff on the wedding front.  I am sending out my bridal shower invites today! WOOT WOOT.

I also got the most generous, beautiful gift from my dear friend (and also my “NY” mom) Ilene.  When morgan and I got engaged she said that she wanted to get us a gift that when we look at it 10years from now… I can say “Ilene got us that for the wedding!” So we decided to get a new table… and new table we did.. and it is PERFECT! I wasnt a fan of the old table.. it was a but too country for me, and also the color of the wodd blended with the color of our floor! So this new table is a dark wood (it is from crate and barrel) has 2 leafs so it can get bigger… it is longer and more narrow then the old one. I cant seem to find it online any more sooo you should all just come on over and see my new table!

Ok on the wedding front, we went to our tasting last night.. OMG so excited and everything was soooooo good! we decided to break out of norm. and pick foods that we really liked and just figured people would be fine!  So we decided for the app. to go with a yummy veggie struddel~ it is in a philo dough and has goat cheese mixed in.. SO good.

then for the main course options. we went with the “surf and turf” braised short ribs and sea scallops as one choice and then this great herb crusted salmon for the other. Hope everyone will like it!!!

I did come up with a blip in the DIY project land… maybe you all can give me some suggestions and insite.

Morgie and I wanted to do this project where we put this skyline image onto a vase and within the skyline would be our table numbers… then we would lite the skyline with candles that were inside the vase.

BUT when I did a sample of it… it just did not look good at all!  Now I am at a loss!  We are only having 2 vases for the centerpieces, and I think that will look weird, to not have a third.

What should we do… should we try a square vase?? or does anyone have any other suggestions as to how to make this? or should we just forgo the idea, and get maybe a different shaped vase to add to the table setting to spruce it all up.

Any idea’s would be great!

Thanks all for listening!



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