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Nicole and Asher! June 25, 2008

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I love this couple…love love love them!  I shot their engagement photos almost a year before their wedding and was so excited to spend their day with them.  I absolutely adore the way they act with each other and how much they love, respect and want to care for each other. ALSO… I give Nicole props!  She was MORE then happy to take off her cute little white shoes and let Asher pick her up and carry her into the dirt and brush to get some cool shot in Battery Park.  Yah for awesome brides!! 🙂 

I had a blast with them and all their guests dancing the night away… to what Nicole liked to call “dirty south” music! 🙂 

Soooo fun!  click here to view their slideshow of awesome, touching photos and check out a sneak peak of a few below.


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