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MAKE UP! June 13, 2008

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so for all of you who know me personally… you all know that I am the anti-make up girl.  I dont even wear chapstick!  hahaha!

well, last night I had my make up trial with the AMAZING Ida.  I have known Ida now for almost 3 years… she is just so gorgeous inside and out.  Ida is a professional make up artist who works for people like Carolina Herrara, and who knows who else as well as doing brides make up! She is actually doing my bride Kore (who’s ephotos are below this sunday!)  I am so fortunate to have her as a friend she is just a wonderful, kind, talented person!

So for the make up we decided that we wanted to go a little bit more glamorous ~ so she put on these great fake lashes, and did a subtle smokey eye.. and then the real kicker, red lips!  Which is exactly what I wanted!  I think it is going to look so great with my dress and bridecage veil. 

Here are some photos from last night ~ I was on the subway and got 2 compliments! 


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