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Yah fun updates June 10, 2008

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Hi Everyone!

So I havent really updated about my life recently… so here are some updates. both wedding and none wedding

1st.  Got a new imac!!  woot woot!!! sooo pretty and fun. I got it so that my “worker-bee” david has a better computer to work on while he is here helping me during the day… I also got it so that I can organize my married life finances more specifically 🙂 FUN!

2. Morgan and I got our wedding bands the other week, we also met with Rabbi Beris who we love! 

3. Im getting my veil this week ~ soooo excited! I will have to put some photos up when it is ready

4. Morgan and I went and rented the tuxes him and his GM are going to wear 🙂 so handsome!

I have a whole bunch of other stuff to do still, but it is getting closer and closer!!!


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