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this weekend April 14, 2008

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Sooo, this weekend was extremely productive!!!  I not only saw an old college room mate of mine ~ crystal.  She stopped by NYC from PA on her way to Puerto Rico… so that was fun!  Also my friend Julia and I went shopping and I managed to purchase my veil ~ an adorable, simple birdcage veil from this sweet little veil shop in the east village called Bridal Veil Falls… similar to one like THIS but not as intense…mine is VERY simple and will have a vintage pin with rhinestones attached to the back.  I also got my SHOES!!!! YAHHHH!! they are sooo cute!  They are red salsa dance shoes… and they are very comfy!  here is a photo of them!! Dance shoes are so great to wear for wedding shoes since they have suede bottoms which make them more flexible.. also a lot of the dance shoe websites have “wedding shoes” for you to purchase. I also booked my Rabbi… His name is Rabbi Berris and he is actually the director of the Interfaith Clergy We havent met with him in person since he is kind of farther away in NJ but Morgan and I spoke with him at length on the phone and we both got REALLY good vibes from him… plus he was recommended by a bunch of ladies LASTLY, we booked our florist!! For some reason the florist and the rabbi were the hardest for me to book!  I met with numerous people and got many a florist quote before deciding on whom to go with.  We ended up booking this florist named Academy Floral they have been around for approx. 100 years!  they are located uptown on 107th and bway.  If you are looking from a great florist go in and ask for Michelle, she is a little off-beat but REALLY sweet and very willing to work with my budget 🙂

Well, thats it for now!



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