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Bloggity, blog blog blog April 2, 2008

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Today is the day of random blog thoughts! I skipped a day yesterday… and that was ok, because now I have lots (well medium) of things to say!  Yesterday I had my meeting with Meredyth and Crispian who won my services via Gulnara’s free wedding photography contest  They are sooo sweet, I am really excited to shoot their wedding!  Both Meredyth and Crispian are musicians and started the trio called city winds trio here is the link to their site where you can hear some music .  I also met up with one of my adorable August couples, Hannah and Gary.. who are from England and just here for the week to do some wedding stuff… they will be getting married at penthouse 15                   Also yesterday I met with and booked my band for the wedding!!! I actually heard them play at Kelly and Andrew’s wedding (see photos below) and LOVED them!  I have been to many a wedding, and they were my favorite band by far! In case you are wondering they are called Bud Maltin Music Click here to go to their site   In addition to booking my band I went to RK Bridal… I went dress shopping last week with mom and we are pretty sure we have found “the dress” but like usual she wants me to go to 5 million other places and try on 5 million other dresses… I dont really have time for this stuff ~ I have too many other weddings to go to! 🙂  So, I went to RK Bridal… and I was slightly disappointed with stuff!  They had really great prices and all, but their selection of dresses did not have anything that was interesting and unique.  AND when I told the woman who was helping me that I absolutely did NOT want a strapless dress she huffed and rolled her eyes at me!  It immediately changed the way I felt about the place.  She then tells me… well… we really have mostly strapless dresses… so it might be hard to find you something! Well, then RK you lost my business!  Today, I plan to go to Fat-burning Pilates ~ woot woot!  Work on my clients wedding photos, working on my invitations,take monkey-dog wickett out to play, and then finally hang out with Jen Davis. Hope you all have a great day!    


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