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Oy Vey! March 31, 2008

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Not sure who knows it and who doesnt, but I am not only a wedding photographer, I happen to also be a bride-to-be! So this post is dedicated to some of my finds, frustrations, joys, to-do listing of my new found wedding planning! 🙂 So I never thought planning a wedding would be so difficult!  I actually still wonder, is it difficult, or is my mom just making it difficult?  Either way… for as much as I love, love, love my mother… she is, a typical Jewish mom and, like most jewish moms… she likes to control! So for every step of the way thus far… there has been a little spat about something! Through this planning process Im SURE there will be many fights, and tears… but Im sure the outcome will be just perfect for both of us.So I titled this post Oy Vey for a reason.  The reason being, it is my turn to find a Rabbi.  I want to find a Rabbi sooner rather then later since we getting married in approx. 6 months and since Morgan isnt Jewish and I am, he has made the decision to have a jewish-esk ceremony.  This being said, I want to find the Rabbi (or Cantor) that will fit our needs and wants best ~ and also put my mom at ease.  So my search started at  where I asked some other lovely brides for their advice and their choices.  I found one person, and after talking with him I got a good feeling.. but then I emailed him to ask a question and he never wrote me back… so I called him, asked my question, got the answer.. he said he would email me a few dates and times to meet… never heard from him!  So I feel, he is out! Then I decided that the other person I am to meet with today.. I didnt get a good or bad feeling from him, but he never really took the time to speak with me either~ so Im not madly in love with him~ he might have to be out too!So I decided.. the knot is not the ONLY place to get answers to my question… I can always use Google! So I googled interfaith rabbi, northern nj (since everything is a little cheaper in the jers) and then I did interfaith rabbi, nyc.  These are some of the links I checked out and so far I have gotten a few responses ~ through these 2 sites, I was emailed a response with 3-4 rabbi’s each

So the Rabbi search will continue and I will hopefully have one picked out by  next week! Does anyone else have any good suggestions for me? 


2 Responses to “Oy Vey!”

  1. Liz Says:

    Hi Stacey! One of your past brides here. Can’t help with finding a rabbi, but you might want to check out It’s like a “local” knot, and is the companion to, which was how I found you!

    Mike and I are SO happy for you! And we love reading your blog. 🙂

  2. Donn Says:

    Stacey — Rabbi Berris from Interfaith is doing my wedding along with a Minister. My fiance is Jewish and I am Catholic and after many attempts at finding a Rabbi we turned to Interfaith, met with Rabbi Berris and immediately booked him. He recommended the Minster (my fiance is divorced so we cannot be married by a Priest) and we loved him!

    Hope this information helps.

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