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Old friends, good time! March 28, 2008

Filed under: photography related,Random — staceyilyse @ 8:16 pm

So last night, and most of today I spent with one of my oldest friends… whom I’ve known since we were in diapers!  Her name is Lisa, and funnily enough, even though we are old family friends, we grew up in different parts of NJ and all that jazz.. but low and behold, we both ended up photographers! She is an amazingly talented staff photographer for the Boston Herald and has had the opportunity to photograph at the olympics, this past superbowl, and SOOO many more amazing events! She came to NYC to celebrate her birthday and knowing Lisa, I KNEW she would absolutely LOVE one of my all time favorite NYC local restaurants… Lil’ Frankies which is located on 1st ave btw 1st and 2nd st.  you MUST MUST MUST go there if you like pizza.. or just amazing food in general!  She also brought along her mom, whom is like a 2nd mother to me… and her really awesome beau O’Ryan ~ who like lisa works for the Herald but is a crime reporter and has won a Pulitzer Prize for his work!  We had a blast catching up, and eating yummy pizza, and introducing Morgan and O’Ryan ~ who are now new best friends!! SO funny!! Here are 2 photos of the loverly lisa!    l_2d80144d0facb197f2671e8e8ec01fe3.jpg l_2b9845d555bee02b0f7fd3d6ac08eb7b.jpg 


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