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Hello world! March 18, 2008

Filed under: Random — staceyilyse @ 4:13 am

My first blog entry! I know, Im a little late in the game with the blog writing, but better late then never!

So a bit about me!
Who am I? Stacey Ilyse
What do I do? Take your photos! Probably at your wedding, or some other type of event, maternity, child’s birthday party, or headshot.
Where do I live and work: NYC
What is most important to me? Well besides photography… spending time with my friends and family, sweet little pup, and my fiancé ~ just got engaged last weekend! Now I not only photograph weddings, but now I get to plan one as well!

Speaking of my fiancé and pup.. here are a few photos for you to see that I took not too long ago… on the left is Morgan (fiancé) and on the right is Wickett (pup) and the last one is of me!
Morgan and I are currently going every Saturday (that I am not working) uptown to the ASPCA to work on training with Wickett to become a therapy dog! I am sooo excited! It has always been something I wanted to do!



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