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Oy Vey! March 31, 2008

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Not sure who knows it and who doesnt, but I am not only a wedding photographer, I happen to also be a bride-to-be! So this post is dedicated to some of my finds, frustrations, joys, to-do listing of my new found wedding planning! ūüôā So I never thought planning a wedding would be so difficult! ¬†I actually still wonder, is it difficult, or is my mom just making it difficult? ¬†Either way… for as much as I love, love, love my mother… she is, a typical Jewish mom and, like most jewish moms… she likes to control! So for every step of the way thus far… there has been a little spat about something! Through this planning process Im SURE there will be many fights, and tears… but Im sure the outcome will be just perfect for both of us.So I titled this post Oy Vey for a reason. ¬†The reason being, it is my turn to find a Rabbi. ¬†I want to find a Rabbi sooner rather then later since we getting married in approx. 6 months and since Morgan isnt Jewish and I am, he has made the decision to have a jewish-esk ceremony. ¬†This being said, I want to find the Rabbi (or Cantor) that will fit our needs and wants best ~ and also put my mom at ease. ¬†So my search started at¬†¬†¬†where I asked some other lovely brides for their advice and their choices. ¬†I found one person, and after talking with him I got a good feeling.. but then I emailed him to ask a question and he never wrote me back… so I called him, asked my question, got the answer.. he said he would email me a few dates and times to meet… never heard from him! ¬†So I feel, he is out! Then I decided that the other person I am to meet with today.. I didnt get a good or bad feeling from him, but he never really took the time to speak with me either~ so Im not madly in love with him~ he might have to be out too!So I decided.. the knot is not the ONLY place to get answers to my question… I can always use Google!¬†So I googled interfaith rabbi, northern nj (since everything is a little cheaper in the jers) and then I did interfaith rabbi, nyc. ¬†These are some of the links I checked out and so far I have gotten a few responses ~ through these 2 sites, I was emailed a response with 3-4 rabbi’s each

So the Rabbi search will continue and I will hopefully have one picked out by  next week! Does anyone else have any good suggestions for me? 


Old friends, good time! March 28, 2008

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So last night, and most of today I spent with one of my oldest friends… whom I’ve known since we were in diapers! ¬†Her name is Lisa, and funnily enough, even though we are old family friends, we grew up in different parts of NJ and all that jazz.. but low and behold, we both ended up photographers! She is an amazingly talented staff photographer for the¬†Boston Herald¬†and has had the opportunity to photograph at the olympics, this past superbowl, and SOOO many more amazing events! She came to NYC to celebrate her birthday and knowing Lisa, I KNEW she would absolutely LOVE one of my all time favorite NYC local restaurants…¬†Lil’ Frankies¬†which is located on 1st ave btw 1st and 2nd st. ¬†you MUST MUST MUST go there if you like pizza.. or just amazing food in general! ¬†She also brought along her mom, whom is like a 2nd mother to me… and her really awesome beau O’Ryan ~ who like lisa works for the Herald but is a crime reporter and has won a Pulitzer Prize for his work! ¬†We had a blast catching up, and eating yummy pizza, and introducing Morgan and O’Ryan ~ who are now new best friends!! SO funny!! Here are 2 photos of the loverly lisa!¬†¬†¬†¬†l_2d80144d0facb197f2671e8e8ec01fe3.jpg¬†l_2b9845d555bee02b0f7fd3d6ac08eb7b.jpg¬†


My new friend Jen! March 27, 2008

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So yesterday, I hung with¬†Jennifer Davis¬†an AMAZING photog. also based in NYC. ¬†We went out to one of my favorite local places,¬†Apple¬†for lunch ~ there food is so yummy! Anyways, we hung out talked photo and had a great time… she is my new photo best friend~ haha!¬†¬†¬†o, last night I went uptown to my cousins apt to go over some photos I took of her 2 sons Sam and Mex for Sam’s (the litte one’s) bday at this crazy place called¬†The Art Farm¬†and also just giggle like 2 little girls. ¬†It was SO much fun! ¬†She is actually 8 months pregnant with her 3rd baby~ I cant tell you if she is having a boy or girl, she made me promise!! ¬†But I LOVE her 2 little crazy, boys… ESPECIALLY little Sammy… he is my love! Here are some photos of the¬†¬†boys¬†¬†¬†family057.jpgfamily051.jpg¬†Max at his best!family132.jpg¬†¬†artfarm140.jpg¬†¬†Sammy so excited to get some cake!artfarm147.jpg¬†¬†¬†Here is one of Jen¬†taken by Becker at his party of five w¬†


HAHA March 26, 2008

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So as promised, here is a photo from our engagement party! ¬†As you can see, it is taken with a point and shoot and is not the most AMAZING photo on the planet, but it does show everyone doing a champagne toast to us at about 2am and out of clear plastic cups! ¬†How classy are we!!! If you couldnt guess… that happens to be Morgan and I ūüôā¬†¬†n125835_34189147_9913.jpg


Fun Stuff! March 24, 2008

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This weekend was our engagement party! ¬†Morgan and I decided not to have any formal type of get together, just a bunch of our friends getting together to celebrate with us… It was great fun! ¬†We had lots of wine, cheese music, and laughter! As soon as I figure out who has some of the best photos I will post them for you to see!So a friend of mine, inspired me to have a little fun with some of my photos ~ So I decided to play around a little bit and add some interesting textures to a few of my images… Im did not want to go crazy JUST yet… so the changes are subtle but I think I like it that way!take a look and please let me know what you think!beforeceremony032.jpgkgetsready-57text.jpgpanda055.jpg¬†¬†


Roee March 21, 2008

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So I wanted to introduce you to my associate photographer, Roee Dori and his beautiful wife ~ Gretchen and their new baby ~ Noa Olive! ¬†She just so precious! ¬†If you ever get a chance and want to take a look at some of Roee’s work you can check it out on my website¬†¬†and you can also take a look at a slideshow of his work from this past wedding season¬†click here to see slideshow¬†¬†¬†noa_031008_016.jpg¬†noa_021008_001.jpgnoa_021908_009.jpg¬†noa_031008_022.jpg¬†


Diana and Teddy March 20, 2008

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So I had the honor of photographing Diana and Teddy a few weeks ago… but they arent a couple getting married, but rather a mommy with her baby, who will be named Teddy when he arrives this upcoming April. ¬†I did however have the pleasure of photographing Diana’s wedding to her husband Tim not too long ago… and when we met on our first meeting she told me, she would want me to take these maternity photos. ¬†I have to say, these are some of my favorite photos I have taken in a while.. it was really fun working with Diana and it doesnt hurt that she is very beautiful and easy to photograph ~ pregnant or not! ¬†After doing these photos I am very inspired to continue with photographing maternity ~ so if you or anyone you know wants some maternity photos taken…send them my way!!! Well, enjoy the images below!¬†21.jpg¬†sfavs001.jpg3.jpg¬†11.jpg¬†¬†