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NEW BLOG!!! March 3, 2009

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Lena-bo-beans February 14, 2009

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So my dear dear friend Lena came to visit this past week from the wonderful, mystical land of New Mexico ~ where I went to college.  She and I were room mates and have stayed close ever since!  So one of our favorite things to do is to go on adventures!  We decided to take Wickett and head out to Coney Island on tuesday, which was a gorgeous 58 degree weather day.  We had so much fun just walking the boardwalk, taking some photos, and watching all the coney island locals hanging out listening to music while sitting on lawn chairs out at their favorite spots.  Enjoy some of the photos! 5h4t3061

The loverly lena~ squinting into the sun

The loverly lena~ squinting into the sun

Wickett at his finest

Wickett at his finest



hungry? Eat a burger!

hungry? Eat a burger!

Lena, in the 70's

Lena, in the 70's


Boudoir-ish. February 5, 2009

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Hi All. So last night I was talking to a wonderful amazing friend of mine about my first ever “Boudoir” session that will be taking place next week. So anyways, we got to talking and she asked me if I wanted some practice prior to the shoot.  I have always done fine art photography and done nudes before it had been a while and I feel that boudoir is a bit different~ not sure why… Anyways, she has always wanted photos like these done, and so it was perfect.  After taking the photos and talking about them with her and her boyf. and listening to their reactions I decided, I really enjoyed the style I shot these in.  They arent cliche and she isnt trying too hard to be “sexy” she just is sexy.  So I hope you all enjoy the photos… I think they are beautiful.

5h4t2499 5h4t2505


5h4t2510 5h4t2535


5h4t2536 5h4t2542



Wedding Library Event January 28, 2009

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This past weekend Roee, Vanessa and myself all attended the Wedding Library’s “Wedding Party” event as vendors for Stacey Ilyse Photography.  The event went well.  I met some wonderful vendors such as Heather one of the co-owners from the Arak Kanofsky Studios ~ they do AMAZING hand made couture stationary and invitations.  We had all the furniture given to use for use on the day of the event from this great rental company called Taylor Creatives.  Our “booth” was right next to the wonderful people working at The Glass Houses AMAZING loft space for your wedding… totally beautiful! To our other side was a great catering company, Olivier Cheng Catering and Events.  Of course my beautiful friend and owner of Once Upon A Bride, Stacey Lyn Weinstein was there ~ she and her girls did all the hair and make up for the fashion show photos I will post below.  Anyways those are some of the vendors that were located either in the same room as we were or that we know and love.

Enjoy some photos taken by Roee

fashionshow-10371 fashionshow-1110

fashionshow-1097 fashionshow-1058 fashionshow-1120

fashionshow-1018 fashionshow-1009


Wedding Library ~ Wedding party Event January 22, 2009

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So I am one of the newest photography members at “The Wedding Library”  and I also decided to take part in this years wedding library ~ “The Wedding Party” Event.

Below is the email I just recently got from Claudia and Jennifer… I would LOVE if some of you wonderful ladies and gents. out there wanted to swing by and see my newest albums and talk with myself and Roee about anything! 🙂

We will be located on the 5th floor in the Spellman room.

I dont think you will be able to use the “purchase tickets” link on my image… so here is the link to do so:



Great website

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Hi All.

So for any of you still looking for a wedding venue, or have a friend or family still in need… I found this great website that has a long list of unique spaces!  ~ the first 20-30 places have little images, the ones towards the bottom are just links… but I have heard of a large handful and have shot at a few as well…. Food for thought!  Here is the link in case you are interested 🙂  I happened to type into google, brooklyn wedding venues, and this is the first link I got! Im sure you can do the same fro NYC


Jaime & Greg ~ Married! January 12, 2009

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Just a few days before christmas, Jaime and Greg tied the knot and had their beautiful reception at Tappan Hill Mansion, in tarrytown ny.  If you’d like, please take a look at their slideshow by clicking HERE

Also, Enjoy some photos from their wedding located below 🙂